Thursday, June 14, 2018

Looking forward to Experiencing Michelin Two Star Restaurant

When researching my culinary trip to Ireland, I looked at the top restaurants in Dublin.  The city is flooded with great restaurants. They have many haute cuisine restaurants as well as neighborhood bistros and pubs that do serious good local food. But I had to have one indulgence.  One knockout, that really sets the bar for food in Ireland.  

My indulgence for this trip is to eat at RESTAURANT PATRICK GUILBAUD. 

You may wonder why I want to go to an Irish restaurant with a French chef.  Well, this is the only two star restaurant in Ireland.  Enough said.  Look Below. Local Irish flavors with French Technique. His reputation as an innovator of fine cuisine really excites me. I look forward to tasting dishes like these below.

Looking forward to meeting with Chef Guilbaud and learning from him. This is how you improve as a chef by learning from your peers.